Many consumers are concerned about the possible dangers associated with hair colors and dyes.
According to various recent studies, many permanent dyes are made with chemical substances and represents a potential danger.
They may contain certain doubtful substances that have a strong capacity to cause irritation or gene mutation.  The principal ingredients in question are paraben, paraphenylenediamine, butoxyethanol…
American researchers have published a study which states that the use of such products may multiply by five the risk of breast cancer.

To confidently have beautiful highlights on natural or color-treated hair, without damaging drying the hair and without causing roots, Reflet Shampoo and Crème care are ammonia, paraben and derivative free.

Used together, Reflet™ Shampoo and Crème Care  let you

  • Color your hair with the all-natural mineral pigment.
  • Shine your hair with fruit extracts
  • Nourish your hair and scalp with Organic Shea Butter
  • Protect your hair with sunflower seed oil

Reflet™ Shampoo is available in 6 colors:  Black, Brown, Mahogany Auburn, Copper, Gold and Refresh.  Use it together with Reflet™ Crème Care to achieve a whole range of results: 

  • On natural hair, it allows you to create highlights without imparting a permanent color.
  • On color treated hair, it will help maintain your color while enhancing shine and maintaining highlights.

  • Highlights or color on natural, color-treated hair or grey hair
  • The hair is nourished and moisturized
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Intense shine after each use
  • Especially soft and smooth products with beautiful pigments and bewitching scents
  • Confidence in all-natural, healthy product

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